23 March - 6 April 2025

+++ Peter's Getaway: Best of the Maldives +++

14 nights on the Seascape liveaboard 🏝️

If you like the following, this trip might be for you!

Spectacular Diving 🤿

Big schools of fish, thriving reefs, big pelagics and island that you usually only see in a travel brochure. This is what this trip to the Maldives is all about: the best diving in the most paradise circumstances. It's a true *getaway* for divers that love the exotic.

Experienced Triplead ⚓

Our Tripleader Peter Löseke has been to the Maldives for over 20 times. He knows the atolls, the reefs and the divesites in and out. He is the guy that can bring you to that special spot, and make shots of you with the animals you always dreamed of! Oh and he also loves a nice sunset beer!

Wonderful Nightdives 🌌

The absolute highlight of this trip are the breathtaking night dives! Not only will we be diving reefs after sundown, the headlamps on the back of the boat and our torches will attract mantas charging in out of nowhere. And, if we are lucky, there might even be a whaleshark popping up feeding on plankton!

Flexibility Wins 🗺️

We are taking on this adventure without a set itinerary, and with good reason. Diving in the Maldives, as in may other places, is heavily reliant on weather conditions. This flexibility allows us to quickly shift and handcraft the best next dive on the spot!

Paradise Destination 🌏

The Maldives is a heaven on earth destination: turquoise waters, stellar sunsets and tropical weather. It's the perfect place to press the pause button and breathe in the natural beauty on show. We might even sneak out to a deserted island to see what paradise really looks like.

A Fresh Boat 🛥️

The Seascape is a state of the art liveaboard that is perfectly designed and equipped to safely host a 14 night dive adventure. Comfortable and luxurious, it's the quality you count on when diving the Indian Ocean. Tons of space and a local crew as well!

Best of Maldives

"Since the 90's I have been diving the pristine Maldivian waters. Since then, very little has changed: waters full of life, white sandy beaches and after dive cocktails with fellow ocean enthusiasts. This extended trip offers us the chance to take the time at spots we love more and give us full flexibility to make the best trip imaginable."

- Peter Löseke, Film Maker and BTM Travel Trip Leader -

Meet your BTM Trip Leader

Peter Löseke

Filmmaker & Trip Leader

Best of Maldives with Behind the Mask Travel

23 March - 6 April 2025

Trip Price:

4,760 $ = 15% discount on the normal rate!
  • Per person


  • 16% tax
  • 1/2 standard cabin
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Drinking water from dispenser, Nescafe, tea, snacks
  • 2-3 dives per day (incl. scuba tank, weights 14 nights: 30+ dives)
  • Nitrox free of charge

Not included:

  • 6 US$ environmental tax per day
  • Alcohol and soft drinks
  • Lavazza coffee
  • Rental equipment
  • Fuel surcharge (14 nights 210$)
  • Service charge/tip: 14 nights 210$
  • Non-divers: 10% discount

Further extensions in Maldives are always possible we’re happy to assist! Our terms & conditions apply!

We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance, which covers force majeure cases and single missed days of diving due to sickness. 

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We are organizing this trip without a fixed itinerary in order to remain flexible and take the freedom to stay longer at the particularly impressive sites. 

Our rough route first takes us to the south, where we dive in the channels with dozens of sharks and eagle rays and are amazed by the diversity of the underwater world. We continue to the Ari Atoll, where at this time of year we have the best chance of encountering whale sharks and manta rays.

Of course, it should be noted that nature has its own laws and not everything is always predictable. Nevertheless, we will use our knowledge and experience to make this special trip an unforgettable experience.

Particularly impressive are our night dives, where we have the unique opportunity to dive with manta rays in the spotlight or snorkel with whale sharks. These magical moments underline the enchantment of the Maldives.

During our tour we explore secluded sandy beaches where we enjoy the unique atmosphere with breathtaking sunsets and a cozy beer.

EcoPro Seascape 

The Eco Pro Seascape a trailblazer in the world of liveaboards, redefining quality and comfort in the Maldives. Designed to accommodate up to 28 guests, this vessel caters not only to scuba diving enthusiasts but also to those keen on a variety of water sports and cruising adventures. Embracing eco-friendly practices, the Eco Pro Seascape offers a unique blend of sustainability and high-quality service. Its diverse itineraries promise unforgettable experiences, from exploring vibrant coral reefs to relaxing in serene oceanic surroundings.

Boat Specs:

  • Year built:2023
  • Length:41m
  • Beam:10.7m
  • Top speed:12 knots
  • Cruising speed:8-9 knots
  • Max guests:28
  • Number of cabins:17
  • Number of bathrooms:17
  • Tender: Diving dhoni
  • AirCon in each room
  • Bar
  • Outdoor Dining 

The Maldives, an archipelago of over 1,000 coral islands nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is a diving enthusiast’s dream. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters and coral atolls, this tropical paradise offers a mesmerizing underwater experience. The coral formations, ranging from delicate soft corals to massive hard corals, paint an awe-inspiring tapestry beneath the surface.

Diving in the Maldives is synonymous with encounters with a rich diversity of marine life. From manta rays to the gentle giants, whale sharks, the Maldives provides opportunities for unforgettable interactions with some of the ocean’s most magnificent inhabitants. The coral atolls serve as a thriving ecosystem for an array of marine species, including colorful reef fish, turtles, and various types of sharks. Notably, the Maldives has established a commitment to marine conservation, ensuring the protection of its underwater wonders.

What sets the Maldives apart for divers is the range of dive sites catering to all levels of expertise. Whether drifting along vibrant coral walls or navigating channels with robust currents, there’s an adventure for everyone. The warm tropical waters create an ideal environment for year-round diving, allowing enthusiasts to explore the underwater realms comfortably. In essence, the Maldives stands as a premier destination for those seeking a perfect blend of stunning underwater landscapes, abundant marine life, and diverse dive opportunities.

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