Our pledge for more sustainability

No matter how, where or when: to travel means in itself means leaving an impact on the environment and local communities we visit.

At Behind the Mask Travel, we do not shy away from the reality of the footprint we create, but are committed to limiting this operational impact to the minimum. The two main pillars in our approach are:

Focus on local operators

We first of all prefer to work with operators that employ local people, who are best at preserving the natural resources they are home to.

Donation to Sea Shepherd

We furthermore pledge to attribute 1% of all bookings made through us to Sea Shepherd Global. Every guest will receive a personalized certificate of this contribution. By doing so, we not only travel together, we also try to contribute to doing better.

About Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd’s sole mission is to protect and conserve the world’s oceans and marine wildlife. We work to defend all marine wildlife, from whales and dolphins, to sharks and rays, to fish and krill, without exception.

Serving as the only fleet in the world whose sole purpose is to protect all marine wildlife, we are committed to the protection and enforcement of conservation law.

Our model of engagement provides unique, at sea resources to assist, serve and support developing coastal and island governments in the protection of their sovereign waters against illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Sea Shepherd’s primary goal is to greatly enhance a government’s own capacity to patrol, monitor, and enforce their own laws.