Aug 8th - 22nd, 2025

+++ Niue Whale Wonders +++

Humpback Whales of the Pacific

If you like the following, this trip might be for you:

Humpback whales 🐋

Niue is one of only a handful of places in the world where you are allowed to swim with one of our ocean's most interactive and fascinating whale species: humpback whales. Our encounters here have been simply spectacular: intimate, wild and respectful.

Small group travel 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

On this tour we will have a small group of 5 ocean lovers to offer the best experience in the water. No big groups, ocean full of fins and divers, but spacious and controlled water entries is what we safeguard.

Dolphins 🐬

It's not just the whales that put up a show. We regularly come across the resident spinner dolphins along the way allowing for a possible in-water interaction, making this a cetacean fest for all types of divers to enjoy!

Incredible Vis 🎯

This snorkeling trip offers one of the best visibility levels we have ever witnessed out in the blue. On some days you can see as far as 40 to 50 meters, and on exceptional days up to even 80! The perfect conditions to make the best whale shots imaginable.

Unknown territory 🌅

Compared to other well known dive destinations, Niue Island has not reached frequent dive tourism, which shows on the island culture and the interactions with the animals. We love offering these destinations to our clients, and be ahead of the pack.

Dynamic Operator 🎆

A relaxed atmosphere, pristine dive conditions and light hearted conversations form the pillars of our ocean adventures. Our operator consists of a dynamic team that contributes to the most authentic experience possible!

This trip is open for everybody

Viewpoints from cultures all over the globe inspire us, that’s why we love bringing people from different backgrounds together. The more diverse, the better we feel.

I love whales!

"We were kind of sceptical when we heard the noises about Niue. A fairly undiscovered and preserved whale sanctuary, where you respectful interactions are more or less guaranteed, is it possible? And boy it is. The vis was incredible, the whales are calm and interactive, the team of Niue Blue is professional and dynamic. It's a perfect combo for a whale wonder adventure."

- Marcel Wilpernig, BTM Travel  -

Niue Island

Welcome to Niue, a tropical paradise on a raised coral atoll with some of the clearest waters in the world – up to 80 metres’ visibility. Dive or snorkel in pristine waters, explore chasms and reefs bursting with corals and vibrant marine life or interact with whales and dolphins in their natural environment, in waters that are warm all year-round.

- Niue Blue Island Experiences -

Meet your BTM Trip Companion

Roland Conrad

UW Photographer & Tour leader

Niue Island Expedition

August 8 - 22, 2025

Trip price:

€ 5.949
  • per person (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • Airport Transfers
  • 14 nights accommodation at Scenic Matavai Resort, Ocean room with breakfast
  • 11 water days (11 half day tours searching for whales)
  • Including experienced captain and crew from Niue Blue Island adventures
  • 1 half day freediving excursion by boat to caves and reefs
  • Special Island Tour (5-6 hours) with english speaking local guide
  • Behind the Mask Travel Tour leader
  • Rental Van for full 14 days for all transfers, tours, including Gas

Not included:

  • flights to Auckland starting from 1.500 € from Europe (depending on availability at the time of booking)
  • flights Auckland – Niue – Auckland with Air New Zealand ~ 500 – 600 € per person Economy-Class incl. 23 kg checked baggage
  • food and drinks on the island
  • travel insurance, overseas health insurance
  • extra activities such as scuba diving or additional tours
  • single-room surcharge for 14 nights 1.700 €

Important: min. 4 bookings to confirm this group.

Our terms & conditions apply!

We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance, which covers force majeure cases and single missed days of diving due to sickness. 

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August 8 –  22, 2025

The only way to reach Niue is by taking a 3-hour direct flight from Auckland International Airport, 2 times a week every Tuesday and Saturday. As we are crossing the international dateline the arrival will be one day before. This means you have to catch the early morning flight (around 9 a.m.) on the 9th from Auckland to Niue to arrive on the day before. We will spend 14 nights on the island – from August 8th to 22nd 2025.

Meeting Point for this trip will be in Auckland accordingly. Your tour leader will be in a hotel nearby the airport the night prior to the departure to meet you there. We will publish and offer the hotel overnights as soon as flights will be available (11 months before departure). Feel free to ask us about packages including your international flights or also extension programs in New Zealand.

Action plan:

Meeting times will be discussed on spot for the next day. We will meet for breakfast of course and head from there together to the dive shop.

For your whale and freediving adventures we will enjoy the private boat with maximum 6 passengers. The whale trips normally take up to 4 hours and will happen either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on weather conditions, guests or the trip leader’s decision. It’s not really possible to say which times are better as nature is unpredictable. If there are no whales to be found we will use the time to get some water time in the magical caves or on the reefs of Niue. The package includes 10 days of excursions on the water. On 2 of those days we will add a freediving experience either before or after the whale search in the caves and reefs around the island. On the free day we will enjoy a special island tour from Niue Blue. This leaves us with another 2 full days for your own activities and adventures. Please note that in Niue there are no shops or companies working on Sundays. It’s a strictly sabbatical day, same as in the Kingdom of Tonga. This local tradition should be kept in mind and respected.

Scenic Matavai Resort

As the only full service resort on Niue, the Scenic Matavai Resort offers the best of both worlds — an uncrowded, authentic Niuean experience with the convenience of contemporary luxury. Enjoy watching Humpback Whales and Spinner Dolphins right from the deck while enjoying a meal from of the two onsite restaurants and finish the evening with cocktails by the pool.

Fakaalofa lahi atu – Welcome to beautiful Niue

Niue is a Pacific Island paradise like no other – one of the smallest countries and one of the largest raised coral atolls on earth. It’s a place where it’s normal for complete strangers to wave at each other, a place where nature hasn’t been broken and things are ‘the way they used to be’. Niue is a large upraised coral atoll, positioned as a standalone island in the centre of a triangle of nations made up of Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands. It’s located 2400km northeast of New Zealand, on the eastern side of the international dateline.

The island’s isolation and coral origins make for an exciting coastline. There are no lakes or rivers that runoff into the ocean which ensures crystal clear water year round. The whole island is dotted with a myriad of caves, sheltered rocky coves and secret beaches, some of which have yet to be explored. The Huvalu Rainforest is home to amazing indigenous trees and has been designated as a Conservation Area to protect and conserve the islands primary rainforest and natural fauna and flora. Scattered throughout the 14 neat and colorful villages, Niue’s less than 1500 residents enjoy dual citizenship, as a self-governing nation in free association with New Zealand. They are bilingual, speaking both Niuean and English, and enjoy an independent lifestyle. The locals are very respectful, genuinely friendly and hospitable to visitors and have accepted tourism as an important component to their economic development and well-being. They are well educated and enjoy life.

Humpback whales of Niue Island

From July to October each year the Humpback whales arrive in Niue’s waters to nurse their young. Niue is one of only a handful of places in the world where you are allowed to swim with the whales. Mother nature of course doesn’t guarantee an experience so whale interactions are strictly dependent on the whales being around, within range, settled and the weather conditions being safe. At night, you can sometimes hear the whales slapping their giant fins against the water and you may even be kept awake by their calls, unlike anywhere else in the world – they can come that close to the shore because the water is so deep.
As far as we know the density of the whales is not as high as in Tonga. However, there are only three operators with a handful of boats for whale watching, so expect little or no traffic on the water. Also, as Niue is made entirely of porous limestone, it has no lakes or streams. This means that the rain quickly filters through the island into the sea below, resulting in no sediment in the water and the visibility (diver’s favorite word) can be up to 80 meters. This clarity is ranked amongst the very best in the world and, coupled with the warm water, makes for an exceptional dive, snorkel and freediving experience!
On land Niue Island offers you beautiful landscapes and grotesque limestone formations on its coast. Take a walk along the coastline or through Niue’s tropical rainforest and experience ancient Polynesian wilderness first-hand. Also, there are bicycles and even e-bikes to rent to explore the island.

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