September 7 - 16, 2025

+++ Sharks Of Japan +++

日本のサメ 🇯🇵

10 days from Shark City to Mikomoto

If you like the following, this trip might be for you:

Mikomoto Hammers ⚒️

Mikomoto Island, an uninhabited reef island located approximately 10 km southeast of Japan's Izu Peninsula, serves as a crucial navigation point for ships approaching Tokyo Bay from the west. It's not just a pivotal geographic landmark, it's home to an incredible underwater phenomenon: the hundreds of hammerheads hanging in the blazing current.

Hound Sharks 🦈

A 2 hour drive from the center of Tokyo, Tateyama is a well-known diving destination that is often referred to as the “Japanese Hound Shark Scramble”. This place is the only shark feeding area in Japan. Often caught in fishing nets, the sharks are fed to drive them away from danger zones. Now the area is literally swarming with Japanese Hound Sharks.

Cultural Galore 🎌

Deeply rooted in tradition and respect, Japanese culture is multifaceted and rich. We insisted in this trip to include a number of visits that allow us to not just to see the magic of Tokyo, but also the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and the natural beauty at the waterfalls of Nanadaru Kawazu. On the free day in Tokyo Tim is setting up a WWII visit.

Adventurous Diving 🤿

Mikomoto is heavily influenced by the infamous Kurisho current, which means visibility can differ heavily from day to day and strong currents are common. This trip is suited for experienced divers.

Unprecedented Trip ⚓

Japan is not an easy location to get to dive in. Local demand is high and the season is short. This trip is a unique opportunity to experience a country so different from the one you live in, while diving in places only not a lot of people get to go.

Comfort Wins 🏣

The travel is long and the itinerary is intense, so getting a good comfortable rest is paramount. We have selected 4 star hotels with good credentials and reviews, so we can are fully charged to marvel at the shark spectacle.

For Shark Lovers

The diving on this trip is all about sharks, hundreds of them. If, like us, you dream about sharks in your sleep, this is the one for you. Line up for the ultimate the adrenaline boost!

Bucket List Destination

Japan is on top of as good as all of our client's bucket lists. It's a destination you save for and with good reason. To experience a destination of this magnitude with a warm group of people is the best of both worlds. 🌏

Unveiling the Mystery

"Over the last decade many clients have spoken to me about diving in Japan. It's mysterious cultural differences and the heavy shark diving there makes for a special mix we always wanted to offer. I am proud we can finally provide it. Curious to hear about the diving there too compared to other areas of the world. さあ行こう!"

- Marcel, BTM Travel founder -

Meet your BTM Trip leader

Tim De Deygere

BTM Travel Product Manager

Sharks of Japan 🇯🇵

September 7 -  16, 2025

Trip Price:

€ 4.500
  • per person in a double room (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • 9 nights/10 days accommodation
  • All transfers (airport, Izu, Tateyama, Tokyo, Cultural visits)
  • 2 dives at Shark City Tateyama
  • 7 dives at Mikomoto Hammers (35 min per dive)
  • 9 breakfast, 7 dinners (no dinners on tour day and free day in Tokyo)
  • 1 full day tour Tokyo
  • Kamakura half day tour
  • Izu half day tour

Not included:

  • Airfare
  • Lunch
  • Dinner on days 8 and 9
  • Gratuities (although not advised in Japan)

Important: We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance which also covers force majeure and single missed days of diving due to sickness. Feel free to ask us about it. Further extensions in Japan and Asia are always possible we’re happy to assist! Our terms & conditions apply!

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Day 1   Sep 7 Sun

Arrival Tokyo
Transfer to Tateyama 2 hours
Check in Tateyama Hotel (Chiba) or similar
Dinner at the Hotel

Day 2  Sep 8 Mon

After breakfast transfer to Bommie Shark City by Hotel shuttle
2 dives
Lunch in front of dive shop restaurant to be paid on location
Dinner at the hotel

Day 3  Sep 9 Tue
After breakfast check out
Transfer to Izu Tokyu Hotel, Shizuoka 4 hours – Lunch to be bought on the road
Stop by Nanadaru Kawazu Seven Water Fall
Hiking at Nanadaru
Transfer to the Izu Tokyu Hotel or similar
Dinner at the hotel

Day 4  Sep 10 Wed
After breakfast transfer to Mikomoto hammers     
Lunch can be ordered by guest before diving or eat near by
2 dives (max 35 min per dive)
Dinner hotel
Shimoda Ropeway 
Back to hotel

Day 5  Sep 11 Thu
After breakfast transfer to Mikomoto hammers
Lunch can be ordered before diving
3 dives (max 35 min per dive)
Dinner at the hotel

Day  6  Sep 12 Fri
After breakfast transfer to Mikomoto hammers
Lunch can be ordered by guest before diving or eat near by
2 dives (max 35 min per dive)
Dinner at the hotel

Day 7 Sep 13 Sat
After breakfast check out
9am transfer to Kamakura (3 hours)
12pm Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine accommodated by English Speaking guide
1pm lunch
2pm Komachi street
3:30pm leave for Tokyo (1.5 hours)
5pm Hotel Check in Tokyu Stay Shinjuku or similar
Dinner at the hotel

Day 8 Sep 14 Sun
Breakfast at the hotel
9am Tsukiji Market with English Speaking guide
11am Sensoji Temple
Nakamise street
Asakusa Tour
12pm  Lunch
1:30pm Tokyo Sky tree
3pm  Meiji Shrine
4pm Shibuya crossing, Hachiko Statue
Dinner at own expense in city center

Day 9 Sep 15 Mon
breakfast at hotel
All day free
Dinner at own expense in city center

Day 10 Sep 16 Tue
After breakfast
Transfer to the airport

Please note that the scheduled itinerary can undergo minor changes in timings and accommodation shorter to the trip date due to availabilities.


We have selected three 4 star hotels in Izu, Tokyo and Tateyama to ensure a comfortable yet affordable resting base between our travels and the dives. Accommodations in Japan are only bookable a year before itinerary dates so the eventual accommodation might change, but we guarantee accommodation will be of the same lodging standard.


Japan’s culture is a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation, steeped in a deep reverence for harmony and respect. From the meticulous rituals of tea ceremonies to the vibrant world of anime and technology, Japan embodies a dynamic blend of ancient customs and modern trends. Its rich artistic heritage, reflected in everything from ukiyo-e prints to exquisite culinary creations, showcases a unique aesthetic sensibility that continues to inspire and captivate people worldwide.


Mikomoto Island is esteemed for its notable population of scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini), drawing diving enthusiasts globally to observe these majestic marine species in their native environment. Submerging into the depths adjacent to Mikomoto’s coastline, divers are presented with the remarkable spectacle of numerous hammerheads gracefully traversing the waters. Things can get adventurous: blazing current and changing visibility are often the case. Dives last 35 mins!


Tateyama is a well-known diving destination that is often referred to as “Shark scramble” or “Japanese hound shark traffic jam” and is the only shark feeding area in Japan. It’s a fantastic photography and video opportunity, and being swarmed with tons of harmless hound sharks is a stellar wildlife experience too.

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