March 15 to 28th, 2025

+++ Philippines' Pearls +++

Malapascua & Tubbataha Combo


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Tubbataha's Top Reefs

The reefs of Tubbataha are nothing less than an epicentre of marine life. With one of the highest coral densities in the world, Tubbataha's dives are an explosion of colours and forms of all kinds: the reef's ecosystem supports over 360 species of coral and 700 species of fish. No wonder this is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sharks and Mantas

Tubbataha's reefs are not only famous for the coral forests it is home to, also larger pelagic animals roam these waters! Whale sharks and manta's are passing through Tubbataha right in the time when we venture out! Reef sharks are residents, and out in the blue silky sharks and many other species can pop up as well. Anything can happen here!

Malapascua's Treshers

Whoever says Malapascua, says tresher shark. This elusive shark of the deep with it's famous long tail speaks to all divers' imagination. It's hard not to be inspired when its large eyes gaze into the blue before it disappears again. Malapascua is a true gem of an island, where this shark is a central part of the culture, and a well kept secret: the island is one of the best sunset spots in the world.

Unique Combo

A trip to Philippines you don't do everyday. The problem is: with so much incredible divespots and action around, how to maximise your travel time? That is exactly the reason why we connect a liveboard experience to Tubbataha with the island life of Malapascua. By combining our two favourite spots in the Philippines, we make sure our guests get only the best of the best.

Trusted Operators

We will cross the Tubbataha waters on the Infiniti liveaboard: one of our trusted partners in the region. A super comfortable vessel with an experienced crew that will make sure we get to the right place at the right time. On Malapascua, we will be in the hands of local dive center Devocean divers, who know the island and its sharks through and through.

Coral Triangle

Malapascua's location within the Philippines places it at the edge of the Coral Triangle, and its waters are part of this vital marine ecosystem. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts visiting Malapascua can experience firsthand the stunning reefs the incredible array of marine life that make the Coral Triangle so exceptional. So it's not *just* thresher sharks, believe us.

This trip is open for everybody

Viewpoints from cultures all over the globe inspire us, that’s why we love bringing people from different backgrounds together. The more diverse,Β the better we feel.

A Balanced Combo

"To have not just one but two top diving locations in a country as big as the Philippines is truly a unique experience for any person that loves ocean life. Both Tubbataha and Malapascua are well known for a good reason: spectacular diving in paradise circumstances. Filipino people are truly lovely, giving the human aspect of this travel also an extra dimension." - Marcel Wilpernig

Untouched Beauty

The reefs and seas we will be diving are pristine and untouched: it is truly diving as it used to be in a lot of other (now heavily affected) places. The abundance of ocean life is something that brings hope and extreme joy. We love transferring this feeling to our beloved guests and bring together a group of ocean loving enthusiasts that returns home inspired.

Meet your BTM Trip leader

Roxy Damseaux

Dive Specialist & Trip Leader

Philippines' Pearls

March 15 - Β 21, 2025 (Malapascua Island)

March 22 - 28, 2025 (Tubbataha Liveaboard)

Malapasuca Price

$ 1199
  • per person (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • 7 days/6 nights at Blanco Beach resort including daily breakfast (Deluxe Room)
  • 12 dives included, possible to do more at surcharge
  • All (fuel) surcharges for the itinerary above.
  • Lunch at Gato island (on the boat)
  • Transfer and 1 local outrigger boat – from Maayo hotel to Blanco beach resort and back
  • Island entrance taxes
  • Transfer from Malapascua to Puerto Princesa for liveaboard departure

Not included:

  • Dive center rental dive equipment
  • Nitrox upgrades (possible at 7 euro per tank additional)
  • Island exploring day is on guest own account

Liveaboard price:

$ 3499
  • per person (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • 7 days/6 nights in double or triple occupancy cabin standard
  • 17 dives
  • Pick up and drop off (within 5 km radius of the local airport)
  • Dive Gear rental (dive computer rental extra)
  • All meals, snacks, water, juice, sodas, tea, coffee, beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages
  • Up to 4 dives a day with our expert dive guides.
  • Complimentary internet

Not included:

  • International & domestic flights
  • Surcharge deluxe cabin (300 USD)
  • Dive/travel insurance (required prior to the departure)
  • Dive Computer rental (USD 40/trip)
  • Nitrox USD 8/tank or USD 125 pp unlimited
  • Fuel surcharge USD 100 pp (paid onboard)
  • Marine Park & Port fees: USD 110 pp (paid onboard)

Important: We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance which covers force majeure and single missed days of diving due to sickness. We now offer upgrades to Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage.

Our terms & conditions apply!


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Malapascua: March 15 – 21 March 2025Β 

Day 1 (March 15) arrival day –pick up at Cebu, arrival at the island. Welcome briefing and prepare boxes. Possible to do sunset dive (not part of the itinerary).

Day 2 (March 16) – 2 dives with the Thresher sharks and 1 dive sunset/night with the Mandarin fish at light house reef.

Day 3 (March 17) – Gato Island Day trip incl. lunch on the boat: 3 dives out (additional optional night on guest bill).

Day 4 (March 18 – Day off – after Saturday night? The most fun night on the island after Friday night πŸ˜‰

Day 5 (March 19) – 2 dives at Kalangaman Island (BBQ on the beach) + 1 dive at Chocolate Island on the way back.

Day 6 – (March 20) – 2 dives with the thresher sharks and 1 local dive.

Day 7 – (March 21) – Departure Day

Tubbataha Reef: 22 to 28 March 2025

Day 1:
11:00 – 15:30 – Boat embarkation, check in, boat briefing 16:00 – Leaving the pier
18:00 – Dinner
Cruising to Tubbataha reef

Day 2:
07:00 – Wake up call
07:00-07:30 – Light breakfast
07:30 – Dive safety briefing
08:00 – Dive 1 – (Check dive), North Atoll – Ranger station 09:30 – Breakfast
11:30 – Dive 2 – North Atoll – Amos Rock
13:00 – Lunch
15:30 – Dive 3 – North Atoll
17:00 – Ranger station visit – Sunset beach trip
18:30 – Dinner

Day 3:
06:00 – Wake up call
06:00-06:30 – Light breakfast
06:30 – Dive 4 – North Atoll – Shark airport
08:00 – Breakfast
09:30 – Dive 5 – North Atoll – Shark airport / Washing machine 11:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Dive 6 – North Atoll – Shark airport south / Seafan alley 14:30 – Snacks
16:30 – Dive 7 – North Atoll – Seafan alley / Malayan wreck

Day 4:
06:00 – Wake up call
06:00-06:30 – Light breakfast
06:30 – Dive 8 – South Atoll – Black rock
08:00 – Breakfast
09:30 – Dive 9 – South Atoll – Black rock / Delsan wreck 11:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Dive 10 – South Atoll – Delsan wreck / Trigger fish city 14:30 – Snacks
16:30 – Dive 11 – South Atoll – Staghorn pt

Day 5:
06:00 – Wake up call
06:00-06:30 – Light breakfast
06:30 – Dive 12 – South Atoll – Delsan wreck 08:00 – Breakfast
09:30 – Dive 13 – South Atoll – South west wall 11:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Dive 14 – South Atoll –
14:30 – Snacks
16:30 – Dive 15 – South Atoll – Ko ok / T-Wreck Cruising to Balicasag island

Day 6:
06:00 – Wake up call
06:00-06:30 – Light breakfast
06:30 – Dive 16 – Jessie Beazley reef
08:00 – Breakfast
09:30 – Dive 17 – Jessie Beazley reef
12:00/13:00 – Lunch
13:30 – Departure/disembarkation briefing, group photo Cruising to PP
15:00 – Snacks
18:00 – Dinner

Day 7:
07:00 – Wake up call
07:00-07:30 – Breakfast
07:30-08:30 – Check out / boat disembarkation / hotel,airport transfer

Both are sample itineraries and may very depending on weather conditions.

Infiniti Liveaboard Philippines:
Dive into Luxury and Discovery

Discover the enchanting underwater realm of the Philippines with the Infiniti Liveaboard. Departing from coastal gems, this liveaboard voyage unveils the nation’s finest dive sites, from Tubbataha’s vibrant coral reefs to Coron’s haunting wrecks.

Blending opulence with adventure, the Infiniti offers spacious cabins, modern comforts, and breathtaking ocean vistas. Its crew not only guides you through dives but also imparts ecological insights, fostering a sense of marine conservation.

Tailored to all skill levels, dive experiences range from exhilarating drift dives to tranquil coral encounters. Beyond diving, the journey encompasses cultural immersions and feasting on Filipino cuisine.

In essence, Infiniti Liveaboard Philippines presents luxury, adventure, and environmental mindfulness in one. It’s an avenue to explore the deep while contributing to its protectionβ€”a unique voyage to forge timeless memories.

Blanco Beach Resort

Located on the pristine shores of Malapascua Island in the Philippines, Blanco Beach Resort offers an enchanting escape for travelers seeking natural beauty and serenity. With its white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and exceptional diving sites, the resort provides a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Unspoiled Beauty: Situated on the northern part of Malapascua Island, the resort boasts comfortable beachfront rooms that seamlessly blend with the tropical surroundings. Guests can revel in the stunning ocean views and unwind in a tranquil ambiance.

Diving Paradise: A highlight for divers, the island’s renowned dive sites, including the chance to encounter thresher sharks and manta rays, make Blanco Beach Resort a paradise for underwater exploration.

Culinary Delights: The resort’s restaurant offers a delightful array of local Filipino dishes and international cuisine, enjoyed while taking in breathtaking sunset views. The combination of excellent food and the serene atmosphere creates a truly memorable dining experience.

Wellness and Connection: For relaxation, the resort offers massages, spa treatments, and yoga sessions that harmonize with the island’s tranquility. Guests can immerse themselves in both physical and mental rejuvenation, guided by the gentle sounds of the sea.

Responsible Tourism: Blanco Beach Resort values the preservation of the local environment and encourages interaction with the island’s community. This commitment to responsible tourism enhances the overall experience and fosters a deeper appreciation for the culture and nature of Malapascua.

Escape to Paradise: Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, Blanco Beach Resort Malapascua offers a captivating haven that captivates the senses and creates lasting memories. It’s an oasis where the beauty of the Philippines comes alive, inviting guests to savor every moment in this tropical paradise.

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