22 March - 2 April, 2026

+++ Saudi Arabia +++

Farasan South on the Pioneer

If you like the following, this trip might be for you:

Different Red Sea🪼

The Red Sea is an all time divers favourite: easy accessible and good value for money combo. Saudi Arabia has a lot of areas which have been less explored. If you have dove a lot around the Egyptian part of the Red Sea and are ready for something different, you might want to try this part!

Big Stuff 🦈

This unexplored area has a lot of "Big Stuff" flying through it. There are chances to see schools of hammerheads, dolphins and even whale sharks are spotted o Farasan South! In order for us to get lucky, we need to be in the water a lot and this is ensured on this trip!

Best Season 🌍

We chose the best timing possible to ensure top conditions: in March, water temperature is comfortable, and visibility is at its best. It's also a perfect time to escape the last winter conditions at home and head out for a short adventure along the Middle East!

Colourful Reefs 🪸

This area of the Red Sea is home to ravishing reefs that host a ton of diversity. If you like macro, you'll def find what you like here!

Unknown Territory 🫧

A lot of the divesites we will be floating around are still largely unexplored. Be part of this group and find out the difference for yourself!

Brand New Boat ⛵

The Pioneer is a brand new boat, just commissioned this year and will be well up to speed by the time we board it! Go look at the pics below!

Short Travel

Saudi Arabia is a fairly short travel compared to a lot of other top reef destinations! A 6 hour flight from Central Europe takes you to Jeddah!

Red Sea untouched!

"We've been hearing tons of good things about Saudi Arabia's wildlife lately and wanted to answer the calls to go there ourselves. With a brand new boat in the Pioneer, we feel like we really chose a vessel that can match a top itinerary like this one. Tons of stories to be made on this one!"

- Marcel Wilpernig, BTM Travel founder

Meet your BTM Trip leader

Kalle Kaub

Photographer, Polar Guide

Saudi Arabia - Farasan South

March 22 - April 2, 2026

Trip price:

€ 2.795
  • per person (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • Transfer to the Boat on Arrival
  • 10 nights / 10 dive days on Saudi Pioneer in a basic cabin (upgrades available at surcharge)
  • Full board, non-alcoholic drinks (no alcohol allowed in Saudi Arabia)
  • 2-4 dives daily incl. dive master, weights & tanks
  • Transfer back to Jeddah
  • Last night overnight in Clarion Hotel, B&B, Double/Twin occupancy
  • Transfer Out ot Airport on day of departure

Not included:

  • Local expenses: Euro 35,00 x diving day per person = 350 € per person
  • Service charge including crew and dive guides tips: Euro 15 per diving day = 150 € per person
  • Fuel surcharge ( from 27/01/2023 ): Euro 7,00 x diving day per perso= 70 € per person
  • Rental Equipment
  • Flights
  • Saudi Arabia Visa Fees and special mandatory insurance (SAR 300) and insurance (SAR 140) ~ 110 € per person

We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance which also covers force majeure cases and single missed days of diving due to sickness. Our terms & conditions apply!

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March 22 Arrival in Jeddah – Transfer to Al Lith 120 km. – Boarding and Start of the cruise
March 23 – April 1: 10 days of diving –  2 dives on April 1 and afternoon transfer to Jeddah
April 1- 2: overnight in Jeddah Clarion Hotel in double b&b
April 2: transfer to airport for Departure

South of the Farasan Banks we can find a multitude of reefs and islands yet to be discovered; 20 miles after passing Jabbara, the southernmost island on the usual itinerary, we reach the wide lagoon of Mubarak reef and then continue farther south where we can find the islands of Tedkar, Muska, Sharbayn and Dorish and a multitude of reefs including sha’ab Abu Kulur, Al Halah and Ring reefs with their walls that dive into the blue.

In this area the sea is dotted with small islands and coral reefs, each of which can be a beautiful dive.
These are unknown places where no one has ever dived and where everything is yet to be discovered. We will be there.

Length 40 meters
Width 9.5 meters
Cruising speed 8 knots
Engines 2 Cummins 750 hp
Fuel capacity 53 tons
Water capacity 34 tons
Watermakers 2 x 5,000 liters per day
Generators 2 x 125 kW + 1 x 50 kW
Electrical voltage 220 volts – 24 volts
Electrical outlets Type C
Instrumentation radar, echo sounder, G.P.S., plotter, VHF radio, DCS, SSB radio, satellite telephone
Safety equipment oxygen kit, first aid, 2 life rafts, fire alarm

Upper deck 1 cabin with side-by-side beds
Middle deck 2 cabins with side-by-side beds, 1 cabin suite with double bed
Lower deck 6 cabins with side-by-side beds, 1 cabin suite with double bed
Private bathrooms and air conditioning with independent controls in all cabins

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia remains one of the least dived areas of the Red Sea. Since 2019 it is again possible to apply for tourist visa and the kingdom has become much easier for many Europeans to travel. New exciting opportunities for divers have become available. Saudi arabia has with 1.600 km of coastline 79% fo the Arabian Peninsula’s Red Sea shoreline and there are as many reefs as in the rest of the Red Sea put together.

It is difficult to comprehend the enormity of Saudi Arabia; a country that covers four-fifths of the Arabian Peninsula. The lifeless desert of the inland Empty Quarter is larger than France, Belgium and the Netherlands combined.

Most of the reefs and coastline remains unexplored. This lends itself perfectly to a liveaboard cruise, but even then, you will only explore a small fraction of the coastline. While there is still no official protection of reefs in Saudi Arabia, there is little large-scale commercial fishing, so even the reefs near the cities remain of a high standard. Many dive sites still remain to be discovered by recreational diver. Our trip will lead to Farasan Banks. A place to be known for the best diving down there.

Water temperatures are generally about 25–35°C. Although air temperatures in Saudi Arabia are known to reach an incredible 48°C in the summer, coastal temperatures are a little more moderate with higher humidity. Jeddah’s temperature hovers around 29–37°C throughout the year and the city has an average annual rainfall of just 61mm.

If you’re interested in exploring Saudi Arabia before or after the cruise we can arrange a guided tour starting from Jeddah (from 4 to 12 days based on individual offers). Ask as for more information.

Please note:  Itinerary can change due to government or captain’s decisions. This destinations has expedition character so we don’t excpect everything to work like in well know tourist destinations like Egypt or similar.

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