October 9 - 20, 2025

+++ Banda Mania: the Descent +++

Ambon to Kaimana on the Adelaar

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A Different Indonesia 🇮🇩

Ambon to Kaimana is an atypical itinerary in one of Indonesia's most pristine areas: the Banda Sea. Weather conditions don't allow this itinerary all year round, and a lot of operators therefor don't offer it. If you are looking for a tad "different" Indonesia than what the usual liveaboard adventure brings you, then this trip is a safe bet. Secret: it's one of the captain's favourite itineraries too!

Exquisite Timing 🔨

Apart from the incredible reef structures and top corals, divers can expect to encounter animals rarely seen anywhere else such as schools of scalloped hammerheads and sea snakes at Manuk. The timing of the trip is not accidental either:  we are likely to encounter whales sharks given that we are cruising out on new moon. An on land highlight is the extraordinary Kiti Kiti Waterfall in Momon.

UW Photography Tips 📷

David Serradell is the BTM Travel trip leader on this journey. He is not only a scuba and freedive instructor but also a professional underwater photographer! With some small adjustments, this is the guy that can help you take your underwater photos to the next level. He is also handling a RED camera to take some awesome shots of guests and wildlife. Oh and he is just an all-round nice guy too!

Top Liveaboard ⛵

The Adelaar is one of our favourite boats in Indonesia. This traditional phinisi looks badass, it is comfortable as hell and it has a top crew. A professional dive deck and camera space, clean cabins and top food: really everything you need.

Small Group Travel 👥

You already know what this one is about: at BTM Travel we safeguard authentic, and international group diving. We love bringing people from all over the world together, making the dive experience dynamic and intimate. 🫧

Banda Islands 🏝️

The Banda Islands are considered special due to their unique historical and ecological significance. Historically, these islands were once the world's only source of nutmeg. Ecologically, the Banda Islands boast exceptional marine biodiversity with endemic species.

A Different Indonesia

This itinerary is different and lesser explored than Indonesia's top selling destinations such as Komodo and Raja Ampat. If you are looking for a trip that is a bit out of the ordinary, this might be it!

Absolute Top Destination

Banda Sea is a destination you save for and with good reason; it's one of the richest underwater areas in the world. To experience it on a top liveaboard with a warm group of people is the best of both worlds. 🌏

A BTM Travel Special

"Adelaar is one of my favourite liveaboards in Indonesia. The owners have gathered a top group of local people that provide top class service. The Ambon to Kaimana itinerary is a unique one, which is why we love to offer it to our clients:"

- Marcel, BTM Travel founder -

Meet your BTM Trip leader

David Serradell

Professional Photographer & Trip Leader

Ambon to Kaimana on the Adelaar

October 9 -  20, 2025

Trip Price:

€ 5.995
  • per person in a stateroom 4 cabin (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • PADI cruise manager
  • Certified dive guides
  • All meals & snacks
  • Water, coffee, tea & soft drinks
  • All land activities as described in the itinerary
  • All dives, weights, tanks and weight belts
  • Transfers to and from the harbor
  • Fuel surcharge (250 € per person) already included
  • Behind the Mask Video Pro tour leader

Not included:

  • Stateroom 2&3 and Mastersuite surcharge (please contact us)
  • International or domestic flights
  • Laundry
  • Gear rental
  • Dive courses
  • Nitrox per trip trip (180 € per person)
  • Extra-Large tank
  • Port & Park fees 300 € per person
  • Crew tips (10-15 % as a guideline)
  • Onboard incidentals can be paid by cash, Visa or MasterCard.

Important: We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance which also covers force majeure and single missed days of diving due to sickness. Feel free to ask us about it. Further extensions in Indonesia are always possible we’re happy to assist! Our terms & conditions apply!

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Day 1 Ambon

After boarding Adelaar in Ambon, you will enjoy your first day on board whilst cruising straight into the heart of the blue Banda Sea.

Day 2 Manukang

Our first stop is Manukang, a volcanic outcrop that according to Moluccan lore, is known to be haunted. This we cannot judge, but what we do know, is that it attracts its fair share of pelagic visitors. Schooling hammerhead sharks swim along the underwater ridges that are covered in huge barrel sponges.  4-day dives

Day 3 Hatta

Hatta, the easternmost Island of the Banda archipelago, is named after Indonesia’s first vice-president who spent time here in exile. The diving off Hatta is dedicated solely to seeing schooling hammerhead sharks. The sight of groups ranging from a handful to literally hundreds of those majestic animals is an unforgettable experience, and one of the main reasons the diving in the Banda Sea is so special. 4-day dives

Day 4 Watubela

The Watubela archipelago is also regularly visited by schooling hammerhead sharks. However, this is not the only charm of these remote islands located at the border between the Banda and Seram Sea. Spectacular white sandy beaches offer perfect locations for those postcard sunset drinks after a day’s diving surrounded by schooling fish. 3-day dives

Day 5 Koon

Do you like diving with a lot of fish? In that case Koon is the place for you. Apart from having too many fish to list, there is also a spectacular land – or rather surface – activity nearby. Depending on the tide we can enter a hidden system of marine lakes and canals for a snorkel and swim trek unlike any other! Typically, at the end of the trail you will be greeted by enthusiastic local village children. 3-day dives

Day 6 Momon

The Momon Area of New Guinea is without a doubt one of the highlights for photographers. The very photogenic Kiti Kiti waterfall falls directly out of the vibrant jungle and into a turquoise sea. For those who are up for a land excursion, there are opportunities to venture into the forest a jungle trek. But first, there will be dives along the seamounts off the coast, known for their big schools of big eye trevallies, sharks, pelagic fish and oceanic manta rays. 3-day dives

Day 7 Aiduma

Along the coast of the karst island of Aiduma in the Aru Sea there are numerous little coves, islets and underwater formations with unique topography that are covered in dense soft coral growth. Fish life is profuse and features schools of snappers, sweetlips and fusiliers as well as napoleon wrasses, large groupers and wobbegong sharks. 3-Day Dives

Day 8 Dramai

The eastern most point of our voyage is the island of Dramai. The waters surrounding this island are a sheer fish lover’s paradise. Reminiscent of rush hours in a big city, schools of different species of snappers, sweetlips, surgeonfish, batfish, fusiliers, jacks and other species make it so dense, it is difficult for divers to get a glimpse of the unique topography. The coral studded underwater formations include massive overhangs and swim throughs. With a bit of luck, we may even encounter oceanic manta rays.3-Day Dives, 1 Night Dive

Day 9 Iris Strait

There is a regular through-flow of water in the Iris Strait between mainland New Guinea and Aiduma Island. This steady supply of nutrients triggers a veritable explosion of coral growth. Healthy areas dominated by enormous hard coral formations are interchanged with slopes covered in immense black coral bushes. The surrounding area is literally invaded by the largest and most colourful soft coral gardens that exist. All of this benthic life attracts schools of fish and squadrons of mobula rays. 3-Day Dives, 1-Night Dive

Day 10 Triton Bay

The diving in Triton Bay is unique, as the small islands act as fish magnets and feature exquisite coral growth of both hard and soft corals. The bay is home to a plethora of critters such as pygmy seahorses, leopard and tiger shrimps, endemic flasher wrasses or rare cephalopods. On night dives in this bay, be on the lookout for Triton Bay’s endemic walking shark. A structure resembling a huge underwater coral caldera is one of the topographic features of this area. Another topside highlight is our speedboat tour through the maze of the large Triton Bay lagoon with its countless hidden bays and channels surrounded by unique karst rock formations. 3 -Day dives, 1-Night dive

Day 11 Namatote

Around new moon, we will spend the day in the north of the island of Namatote. There we visit the traditional outrigger fishing platforms that are regularly visited by what the fishermen refer to as ‘mothers of fish’, i.e. the world’s largest fish, the majestic whale sharks.
Closer to full moon there are no fishermen and whale shark sightings are rare. During such times we will concentrate on the dive sites south of Namatote with their pinnacles, caverns, swim-throughs, and black coral forests. On one special rock cliff only visible by boat we can see prehistoric rock art, evidence of the culture of the region’s earlier human inhabitants. After Namatote we start the final passage of the trip in style – by hoisting Adelaar’s set of sails! 2-Day dives

Day 12 Kaimana

After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye and disembark – until the next time.

(Itinerary may vary depending on weather and sea conditions)

The Adelaar

Experience unparalleled luxury liveaboard diving in Indonesia, aboard the spectacular 39m Dutch Schooner, M/V Adelaar. This stunning vessel showcases a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern elegance. Adelaar Indonesia boasts opulent teak paneling, lofty ceilings, and a chic salon and dining area. Guests can indulge in the allure of a magnificent master suite and three outstanding staterooms.

Each stateroom is equipped with individual climate control, en-suite marble bathrooms, and flat-screen televisions for a personalized experience. The upper and lower decks offer stylish seating areas with breathtaking views. The attentive ten-member crew is dedicated to fulfilling every guest’s needs, ensuring utmost comfort and satisfaction throughout the journey. Adelaar’s skilled chefs curate a menu featuring exquisite gourmet Indonesian and Western cuisine, while the fully stocked bar provides a selection of cold drinks, local beers, imported wines, and spirits. Embarking on scuba diving adventures from Adelaar unveils a world of diverse marine life, including vibrant fish and pelagic species.

Banda Sea

The Banda Sea, situated proximate to the Maluku Islands in Eastern Indonesia, constitutes a maritime expanse that transcends conventional characterization. Encompassed by a constellation of islands within its quadrilateral seas, this remote enclave within the ‘Ring of Fire’ has resisted the encroachments of modern civilization, presenting itself as a sanctuary of pristine natural beauty. Distinctive features include a special underwater topography, with the northern basin descending to a depth of 19,000 feet and the southern basin to 17,700 feet, marked by the seismically active Gunung Api and flourishing coral reefs, thereby establishing the Banda Sea as a habitat for majestic marine species such as hammerhead sharks.

For lovers of underwater exploration, a sojourn into the Banda Sea is an unparalleled experience. It unveils a realm of marine vitality largely untouched by human influence, affording remarkable encounters with biannually occurring congregations of schooling hammerhead sharks. Beyond this spectacle, the Banda Sea commands acclaim for its diverse macroscopic marine life, encompassing seahorses, elusive rhinopias, and other compelling species. The Manuk Islands, identified as a particularly noteworthy dive site, beckon with the presence of sizable sea snakes and the opportunity to witness the captivating display of schooling hammerhead sharks. Within the heart of Indonesia, the Banda Sea emerges as an undiscovered treasure, beckoning discerning explorers to delve into its untarnished depths and witness the sublime harmonies of nature.

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