November 21 - 27, 2025

+++ Orcas and Humpbacks of Norway +++

on board R/V Kinfish

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The fjords in the Lofoten area are undoubtedly THE best place on earth to observe orcas in their natural habitat, while hunting for herring in the north of Norway! Whether you want to spot them from the boat or share time the water, it will be an outstanding experience that you will never forget!

Freediving & Snorkeling

This trip is exclusive to snorkelers & freedivers as there are no scuba diving opportunities in the Fjords. No scuba certification needed, so a decent fitness level is enough to participate in this adventure!

Humpback Whales

Although often perceived as the Orca Kingdom, there are other predators who also want a piece of the pie! Over the past few years, humpback whales have been spotted regularly joining the orca during the herring feeding frenzies.

Northern Lights

Another highlight on this insane trip: the Northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are a natural phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun collide with particles in the Earth's atmosphere. This collision creates incredible, colourful lights that dance across the sky, making for a truly breathtaking sight.

Experienced Operator

The intense action and sometimes rough conditions require an exquisite operator. Our partner in Norway has many years of experience in these orca trips, making them a valued and trusted choice. Their high level of professionalism and excellent reputation is why we have chosen to work with the Kinfish crew!

Luxury Liveaboard

The Kinfish is a small ship with a rich history and raw character. The vessel is used for research quests during the winter months, such as uncovering the history of Norway and finding Viking remains. With a fantastic stabilisation system, this vessel provides a high level of comfort for a superior cruising experience.

This trip is open for everybody

Viewpoints from cultures all over the globe inspire us, that’s why we love bringing people from different backgrounds together. The more diverse, the better we feel.

Orca Kingdom

“The Norway fjords offer a raw and authentic theatre for a dive experience that is just incomparable and even hard to put into words. Your hands will be cold, your feet freezing, but once you lay down at night in your cabin, you know you might have witnessed something that usually only happens in your imagination. Our Orca Kingdom video is an homage to this unique place, where wildlife and humans interact almost face to face. If you have a chance to go, go."


- Florian Fischer, Behind the Mask -

Why Norway?

"These fjords and their unique animals have been my professional backyard for many years. The level of interaction you can get with one of the most intriguing marine mammals that ever existed, truly make your heart beat faster. There is just nothing like it. Even after all these years working with them, I still get a buzz when those black dorsal fins break the surface while helping people get ready to go in the water."

- Tony Meyer, Behind the Mask -

Meet your BTM Trip leader

Tim De Deygere

BTM Project Manager

Norway Orca & Humpback Expedition

Nov 21 - 27, 2025

Trip price:

€ 4.999
  • per person (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • 2 Kingfish Expedition leaders/guides
  • 6 nights / 5 days on liveaboard
  • 2 zodiacs incl inwater guide and skipper
  • All meals on liveaboard
  • Water/tea/coffee/softdrinks/juices on liveaboard
  • Selected beer, wine and alcoholic drinks on liveaboard
  • Return group airport transfers on arrival/departure day from Tromso airport – Tromso Harbour
  • Weights & weightbelt

Not included:

  • Flights (we will happily assist, just let us know)
  • Tourist Visa (if required)
  • Cancellation and travel insurance
  • Non specified meals and beverages
  • Tips for local crew
  • Equipment rental
  • Any later added fees/fuel surcharges/supplements/taxes over which Kingfish has no control

Our terms & conditions apply! Images by Caspar Sparholt

We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance, which covers force majeure cases and single missed days of diving due to sickness. 

© Images: Kingfish Travel, © Ivan Breslauer © Behind the Mask ©Henrik Hindborg © Rasmus Raahauge © Lars Mikkelsen

Get in touch!

The journey starts in the city of Tromsø in Norway. We recommend to arrive more than just one night before the expedition the get a glimpse of this beautiful arctic city! We can arrange hotels & tours as well as your international flights.

Nov 24 – 30, 2024

The following is an approximate itinerary as the final itinerary, of course, depends on the sea, the weather and the animals.  Expert guides will accompany you on your whale watching adventures to provide information and guidance.

Day 1: Arrival and boarding
Arrival at Tromsø airport and transfer to the harbor. In the afternoon you will board your ship, settle in and explore the ship.

Day 2-6:  The search is on
Surrounded by the dramatic Norwegian fjords, you’ll spend 5 full days following schools of herring  … and pods of orcas & humpbacks. The bridge of the ship is a great place to look for whales and enjoy theamazing light and the awesome scenery.  Whenever the conditions are right and animals are in the vicinity, you can board the Zodiacs to snorkel and photograph the animals and feeding frenzies.

You can watch the highlights from the spacious deck or join the Zodiac excursions for up-close whale watching and excellent photography opportunities. You may also have the opportunity to go ashore to visit some of the historical fishing villages situated in the fjords.  But, the top highlight is the in-water experience with the whales, orcas & herring!

During the darker hours you will enjoy the warm and cozy comfort of the expedition yacht while your expert guides entertain you with presentations and educational information on wildlife and cinematography and films. Excellent food is served three times a day, with a warm meal during lunch and diner.  Beer and wine are available.

Also, of course, the winter months mean displays of the Aurora Borealis. With a bit of luck you might be treated to some of this delight.

Day 7: Disembarkation
The ships usually arrive back in Tromsø the night before disembarkation.   After breakfast and farewell to your crew, it is unfortunately time to disembark.  The guides can arrange a transfer to the airport or to your hotel if you choose to extend your stay in Norway.

M/V Kinfish

Step aboard the RV Kinfish, where adventure and comfort meet in perfect harmony. With room for up to 12 guests, our ship offers an intimate and exclusive experience as you explore the stunning natural beauty of your chosen destination, led by our expert crew of guides and naturalists.

Relax in our spacious and comfortable cabins, each with en-suite facilities, as you take in the breathtaking scenery from your own private window. Our onboard restaurant serves up exquisite cuisine, prepared by our talented chefs using the freshest local ingredients, while our bar is fully stocked with a selection of fine wines, spirits, and cocktails to enjoy at your leisure.

The RV Kinfish also features a range of amenities designed to enhance your experience. Take a dip in our hot tub on the upper deck, relax on the sun loungers, or make use of our kayaks and paddleboards to explore the surrounding waters up close. With our state-of-the-art technology and equipment, including radar and sonar, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the natural world like never before.

At Behind the Mask, we’re committed to sustainable travel and minimizing our impact on the environment. The ship is designed with eco-friendly technology, including solar panels and a water treatment system, to ensure we leave the smallest possible footprint on the beautiful wilderness we explore.

Vessel Specifications:

Vessel type Expedition and Research/Survey
Flag / Port of registry Sweden / Göteborg
Built / rebuilt Stord 1958 / Båtservice 1986, Kimek 1996, NRS 2017
Class DNV +1A-1 ICE-C – E0 (bow strengthened to ICE 1B1)
Length (LOA) 37.25 m
LBP 31,38 m
Beam 7.01 m
Max draft / Air draft 4.25 m / 16.25 m
Tonnage 329 GT / 98 NT
Displacement 442 tonnes
Material hull / superstructure Steel / Aluminium
Speed (cruising / max) 9 knots / 11 knots

Whales of Norway

Norway’s appeal is difficult to find words for. Steep-sided fjords cut deeply and dramatically into the land.  The glaciers are massive and powerful.  And, the Northern Lights are magical.  But it’s the “banqueting whales” which draws our attention as divers and snorkellers. In recent years, a change has come to the waters off the coast here:  a spring spawn of herring and mackerel which has been drawing a throng of orcas and humpback whales.  Some say this is the largest in the world at this date and the peak occurs between November and the end of February. In addition to the orcas and humpbacks, the congregation often includes pilot whales, minke whales, harbor porpoises and white- beaked dolphins.
The light is superb for photography and above the water line, you’ll see white-tailed eagles, moose, spectacular scenery and probably a display of the Northern lights.

Welcome to Tromsø

Welcome to Tromsø, a vibrant and picturesque city located in the Arctic region of Norway. Known as the “Gateway to the Arctic”, Tromsø is a popular destination for those seeking adventure, culture, and natural beauty. The city boasts a wide range of activities to enjoy, from exhilarating outdoor excursions such as dog sledding and Northern Lights hunting, to cultural highlights like the iconic Arctic Cathedral and the Tromsø Museum. Take a stroll through the charming city center, lined with colorful wooden houses and picturesque harbor views, or indulge in local cuisine and craft beer at one of the city’s many cozy restaurants and bars. Whether you’re seeking thrills, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Tromsø has something for everyone. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey through this Arctic gem.

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