November 12 - 23, 2025

+++ Indo on the Tiaré+++


11 nights Raja Ampat cruise with Peter

If you like the following, this trip might be for you:

Marine biodiversity

Raja Ampat is an epicentre of marine biodiversity, and arguably one of the world's best diving destinations. 🪸 Being home to more than 75% of the world’s coral reef species and more than 1600 species of reef fishes, this is a place where nature still thrives.

Manta Mania

Raja's manta's are a world famous natural spectacle. Their gentle crossings over the cleaning stations appear as enormous flying carpets, making us divers look like absolute mini creatures. 🏴‍☠️ Both reef mantas as well as giant manta's appear in the waters of Raja.

Authentic Group Travel

You already know what this one is about: at BTM Travel we safeguard authentic, and international group diving. We love bringing people from all over the world together, making the dive experience dynamic and intimate. 🫧

Top Liveaboard

The Tiaré is a vessel that combines both comfort and supreme diving facilities. ⛵ With its classy red sails and wooden structure, the boat oozes class. Even more important: it offers massages!

Sharky Waters

These waters are home to over 22 shark species, with a wide array of reef sharks and special ones such as wobbegongs! Keep your eyes open when crossing those amazing reefs: things will get sharky for sure. 🦈

Coral Triangle

The archipelago is situated within the Coral Triangle, a region in the western Pacific Ocean known for its exceptional coral reefs and marine life diversity. 🔻Raja is one of the pillars that made this triangle so famous.

This trip is open for everybody

Viewpoints from cultures all over the globe inspire us, that’s why we love bringing people from different backgrounds together. The more diverse, the better we feel.

Bucket List Destination

Raja Ampat is on top of as good as all of our client's bucket lists. It's a destination you save for and with good reason. To experience it on a top liveaboard with a warm group of people is the best of both worlds. 🌏

Nothing But The Best

"Peter is our most experienced trip leader, he knows like no one else to pick his spots while diving, and int he process he makes stellar videos of the wildlife and clients alike. Raja is an all-time favourite. You just can't go wrong." 

- Marcel, BTM Travel founder -

Meet your BTM Trip leader

Peter Löseke

UW Videographer & Trip Leader

Raja Ampat on the Tiaré

November 12 -  23, 2025

Trip Price:

€ 5.875
  • per person in a budget cabin (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • Full board
  • Water, soft drinks, Balinese coffee & tea
  • Up to 4 dives daily
  • Tank, weight, guides
  • Airport transfers from hotel/airport – boat and back

Not included:

  • € 310 per person Parking and harbour fees
  • Nitrox € 75 per person
  • Massages
  • Crew gratuities
  • Fuel surcharge (if necessary)
  • Rental equipment

Important: We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance which also covers force majeure and single missed days of diving due to sickness. Feel free to ask us about it. Further extensions in Indonesia are always possible we’re happy to assist! Our terms & conditions apply!

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From your home country, you will need to fly to Sorong Airport (SOQ) which is located in West Papua – Indonesia. Sorong Airport can be reached from the following Indonesian international airports: Jakarta, Denpasar, Manado, or Makassar/Ujung Pandang. We always recommend to arrive in Sorong a few days or at least one night before to be on the safe side. We are happy to assist with all internal flights, accommodations etc. in Indonesia. Contact if you would like any assistance.


The itinerary chosen will be “Best of Raja Ampat”: that means the best spots for the weather forecast at the time! We discuss with the captain and the crew the best route to go to get to see the absolute best in pristine conditions. Here are some of the highlights of Raja:

Cape Kri. If you want to see  large fish and to be enveloped by fish then roll in here, both desires will soon be satisfied.  Groupers, sharks, snappers, Napoleon wrasse, barracuda, dogtooth tuna, trevallies. They are all here in numbers.
Cape Kri is a great place to spot wobbegongs, the curious carpet shark, but you should also admire gorgonian fans to look for pygmy seahorses grasping its branches.

Misol Island. Is located in the southern part of the Raja Ampat area and  is home to an astonishingly colourful reef-scene. Soft corals dress up slopes, walls and canyons in a colourful palette No big schools here but cuttlefish, pipefish, Indian lionfish, nudibranchs, soft corals and critters. Unmissable by night.

The Jef Fam Group. Is in the central region of Raja Ampat, so it’s quite probable  that you’ll visit it whether we are joining a southern or northern cruise route. It’s quite a large area with some impressive cabbage corals, sheet corals and mushroom corals What makes Jef Fam special is its diversity of marine encounters and  is the best place to find wobbegongs. You can also see huge giant clams, Spanish mackerel, great barracuda and manta rays.

Manta Ridge. Is one of the best dive spots in Raja Ampat to regularly see mantas  in  impressive numbers, it is a popular central site, thanks to a cleaning station which delivers some awesome manta ray action to the few lucky enough to be there.  In current, you may have to hook into place before enjoying the show which includes some black mantas, bumphead, parrotfish and turtles all unconcerned by the audience.

Your memories of diving in Raja Ampat will stay with you forever.


Built from salvaged Indonesian woods, the classy Tiara offers a mix of modernity and tradition with a variety of places to snuggle in and enjoy your down-time. The very large top deck sun lounge allows for sunbathing or enjoying the scenery.  Downstairs on the main deck, the living area on the bow is equally as spacious. Soft sofas and Indonesian day beds are a great place to socialize, have a nap, read a book or just daydream.  It’s also the setting where you find beautiful wooden tables & cushioned benches for your alfresco meals

The interior restaurant is in the deck house mid-ship on this deck and has a bar stocked with imported wines and a selection of other drinks, an ice machine, a coffee machine, a wine fridge, a juice extractor, an herbal tea station and a drinks fridge.  Dinner can be served here as an alternative to the main deck exterior dining area depending on weather conditions and your personal preference.  An chic but comfortable air-conditioned lounge, with all the requisite audio-visual equipment, adjoins the restaurant.  Restaurant and lounge are surrounded by picture windows to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

Also located on the main deck is the dive deck which has individual setup areas and hot showers.  Photographers will appreciate the indoor camera room which has plenty of storage space … and, of course, the onboard PCs for editing photos or videos.

The six cabins are all located on the lower deck and two of the cabins are set up with the possibility of being family cabins, each with capacity for 2 adults and a child.

For between-dive activities or for non-divers looking for some sporting fun, Tiare offers snorkeling gear, the use of 2 kayaks, a stand-up paddle board and a towable water tube. There are also shore excursions and visits to Indonesian villages where possible.

The dining room is at the front of the main deck where delicious buffet style Asian and western meals are served. The saloon is large and spacious with comfortable lounges, big windows, bar fridge, and complimentary fresh roast coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices. Multimedia entertainment centre including large flat screen TV for briefing and movies, large library and a full selection of marine life books.

There are two outside decks–the shade covered party deck with its comfy cushioned lounge suite around nearly the whole deck and the sun platform in front of the wheelhouse give you the choice to sun bake or not !


The best time to dive Raja Ampat is from October to April. During this time you will be able to explore the Northern and Southern Part of Raja Ampat. The water temperature in Raja Ampat is between 27 – 30 Celsius. We recommend 3mm long wetsuit to dive in Raja Ampat unless you are warm quickly.


The Raja Ampat Marine Park covers a large area with more than 1’500 islands listed. Therefore, a liveaboard is an ideal way to explore this fantastic destination. Here you will explore one of the last frontiers of unspoiled diving and snorkelling. The archipelago’s pristine reefs are not only vibrant, but the region also proves to have the highest coral reef biodiversity for its size in the world. Raja Ampat holds more than 1’320 fish and 550 coral species and all that is yet to be discovered. Raja Ampat is the epicentre of global marine biodiversity and considered to have the best coral reef diving on the planet. From unusual wobbegong sharks to majestic giant mantas to tiny pygmy seahorses, Raja Ampat has it all! If you are snorkelers or have non-diver family members or friends and you are not sure if this will be a trip that they would enjoy, we have good news: there are many activities for you too!! There are plenty of excellent sites in this fabulous destination, which not only great for diving but also for snorkelling. This marine park is listed among the world’s best-snorkelling destinations. This area is also remarkable for its stunning above water scenery. The famous natural landmark of Raja Ampat is of the mushroom-shaped limestone formations covered in dense vegetation rising out of the turquoise seas. A visit to Pianemo or Wayag viewpoints for extraordinary views and photo opportunities of these iconic natural wonders. During our trip to Raja Ampat, we will also visit local villages on some islands and explore the beautiful lagoon by speed boat.

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