19 - 28 May 2025

+++ Colours of Cagayan +++


10 days Philippines Diving Trip

If you like the following, this trip might be for you:

Colourful Wall Diving 🌈

Cagayancillo is an underwater ridge, formed by (now extinct) volcanoes that flows into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. It's the perfect destination for adventurous divers who love walls, corals, and pelagic fish and prefer sleeping on land!

Chartered Plane 🛩️

It takes about a 9-hour boat ride to get to the islands from the mainland. However, we arranged a cozy personally chartered plane only for our guests over the spectacular Cagayan Archipelago and its light blue reefs. This way, the travel time is cut just to 30 minutes air travel!

Just Us 🪸

The isolated location of the islands, ensures that you will be the only people on the island, and most importantly the only divers in the area. No bubble walls full of other divers, just you and your dive buddies to enjoy the impressive underwater sights for yourselves!

Budget Friendly 💰

Being able to offer trips all across the spectrum is important to us, and we make it a priority to offer great diving at an affordable rate. This Philippines trip is definitely one of the more budget friendly options in our repertoire.

Glamping 🏕️

The island's eco-resort provides basic but offers a quality ‘glamping’ style accommodation making it a unique and comfortable experience for adventurers in Cagayancillo. Camping in the heart of the Philippines? ✓

Surprises in the Deep 🦈

This area is not just known for the stellar wall and coral diving, for divers that like "Big Stuff", there is a good chance to find some lurking in the deep. Hammerheads, whale sharks, eagle rays and much more have been spotted!

Something Different

Glamping style land based diving is completely different than the usual diving journeys in the Philippines. If you are looking to do something else that still offers a stellar underwater experience, this one might be it! 🌊

Wall Diving Lovers

Diving alongside the edges of coral reefs, reef walls, and other vertical underwater structures is a subcategory of its own. Like art lovers in a museum, the colourful forms are there to study and admire. One of many highlights of this trip!

Dive Glamping

"It's always great to switch up the portfolio with different locations and accommodation types. Glamping in the Cagayan islands just felt like such a dreamy combination. Trip leader Oli is a top guy and ensure guests have the dive time of their lives. Great value for money too."

- Marcel, BTM Travel founder -

Meet your BTM Trip leader

Oliver Mischo

Dive Professional & Trip Leader

Colours of Cagayan 🇵🇭

May 19 - 28, 2025

Cat Island Price:

€ 2.099
  • per person in a double room (see details below for what is included in this price)


  • All transfers from Dumagute City (DGT) and back
  • 1 night Sipalay Resort before the flight safari, deluxe room on shared basis with breakfast
  • 8 days / 7 nights flight safari to Cagayan island incl. private flight
  • 7 nights in luxury tens or bungalows
  • Full board
  • 3 dives per day with air, weights & guide
  • 1 night Sipalay Resort after the flight safari, deluxe room on shared basis with breakfast

Not included:

  • Airfare
  • Alcoholic beverages and snacks
  • Equipment Rental

Important: We highly recommend DiveAssure insurance which also covers force majeure and single missed days of diving due to sickness. Feel free to ask us about it. Further extensions in Philippines are always possible we’re happy to assist! Our terms & conditions apply!

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Itinerary summary:

19.-20.05. Resort (Easy Diving resort Sipalay)

20.05.-27.05. Cagayan Safari

27.05.-28.05. Resort (Easy Diving resort Sipalay)

Daily Itinerary Cagayan:

In the morning there is coffee and snacks on the way to the first dive, afterwards breakfast is served on the boat. After breakfast, the first dive is the deepest. The other two dives are shallower, so you will normally do three dives a day before we return to the bay at around 4 PM. Between the dives there is lunch, snacks, fruits, water, various non-alcoholic drinks, tea, and coffee on the boat as usual.

Every diver is obliged to bring his own dive computer, an underwater lamp and a Surface Marker Buoy/SMB!

After the Safari you have the opportunity to explore the main island and get to know its lovely inhabitants. In order to guarantee a safe flight back to Sipalay your last dive ends before 1 PM on the sixth day. As a consequence, you have a break of at least 18 hours.

Easy Diving Eco-Resort

The new Easy Diving Eco-Resort was completed in January 2020. The Luxury Glamping Tents are equipped with very high-quality beds and mattresses. During the day they are connected to the power grid, at night they are supplied by our solar power system. All sockets meet European standards. A brick building with four showers and toilets is available for personal hygiene. The accommodation can be booked for kingsize or twin beds and single occupancy is also available.

The eco-resort will give you an absolutely wonderful, heavenly experience in an environment that still represents the original Philippines. Since the islands are remote, you will have a slightly smaller menu with simple but always freshly prepared meals. Nevertheless, the proper service from Easy Diving is guaranteed. Back to the roots, but in style! Alcoholic beverages are also available but not included in the Safari price.

Cagayan Islands

The Cagayan islands are on top of the Cagayan ridge that has a length of 500 km and a width of 30 km. The ridge connects the Cagayan islands with the Tubbataha Reef as well as Borneo and emerged from extinct volcanoes thousands of years ago. While parts of it sank again, declined, or eroded, corals grew there over the years up to 100m high.

The archipelago, which is 120 km away from Sipalay, consists of 31 islands. Only a few of them are inhabited. As all islands are flat and overgrown with bushes and palm trees, the region is often compared to the Maldives. From December until April the climate is less humid than between May and November while the temperature is high all over the year.

Diving in Cagayancillo

Cagayancillo is an underwater ridge sculpted by extinct volcanoes that end in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. It is the best destination for divers who love walls, corals, and pelagic fishes and don’t want to stay on the boat overnight.

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